Transportation of a dead body

Repatriation is the process in which the body of your loved one person is transported and buried in the country and city of his choice.

For those families who want it burial of their loved one in their place of origin, the Funeral Home has a full fleet of vehicles, ensuring the transport and funeral ceremony with dignity, safety and professionalism, to any part of Greece or abroad. Having many years of experience and familiarity with repatriation cases, we undertake all legal and necessary actions.

We receive the body and transfer it to our premises in an individual cold room.


Transportation of a dead body

We take care of the issuance of all the necessary documents, as well as their translation, in cooperation with the best funeral homes abroad and the embassy of each country.

In consultation with the family and loved ones of the deceased, we take care of her organization and completion of the ceremony or the safer transport of the body.

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