Gizi Funeral Home

The I.N. Efstathio Funeral Home undertakes Funeral Ceremonies in all regions, always with respect and consistency.​

Gyzi Funeral Home: Our experience since 1985 helps us to carry out funerals in Gizi with respect to the deceased and his family.

The funeral Home is a place that plays a vital role in our society, providing a range of services to help families overcome the difficult and emotional process of saying goodbye to a loved one.

One of the basic services offered by Funeral services it is the preparation and handling of the dead. This includes tasks such as embalming, dressing and cosmetology to ensure that the deceased looks peaceful and presentable for their final farewell. 

Apart from the practical aspects of its preparation funeral, funeral homes also offer a range of services to help families create a meaningful and personalized farewell for their loved ones. This may include helping the design and arranging the funeral procession, providing space for visitations and vigils, and coordinating with clergy or celebrants to conduct the ceremony.

Gizi Funeral Home

Beyond the direct services provided, the Funeral services they are also an integral part of the grieving process. They act as a support system for the families, offering emotional support and guidance during a time of intense grief. 

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we direct you with absolute organization and consistency.

Prices are determined according to services and products.

The final cost is affected by the Cemetery where the burial will take place and this is because the charges vary by Cemetery and Municipality.

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Faq funeral home

Yes, the Funeral Home of Giannis Efstathiou can certainly help you in organizing memorial services. Funeral homes are experienced in handling all aspects of memorial services, and Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home is no exception. They understand the importance of honoring and remembering loved ones who have passed away and have the expertise to create a meaningful and personalized memorial service.

When you contact Giannis Efstathiou Funeral Home, they will work closely with you to understand your specific memorial service needs and preferences. They will guide you through the process of planning and organizing the ceremony, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

The funeral home can assist you with various aspects of the memorial service, including:

1. Selection of the venue: Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home can suggest suitable venues for the memorial service, taking into account factors such as the number of attendees, accessibility and the atmosphere you desire.

2. Funeral arrangements: Will make all necessary arrangements, including transporting the deceased, coordinating with the cemetery or crematorium, and obtaining all required permits and documents.

3. Planning the ceremony: Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home can help plan a ceremony that will reflect the life and personality of the deceased. They can help you choose the right music, readings and rituals to create a meaningful and personalized tribute.

4. Multimedia Presentations: If you wish to include photo projections, videos or other multimedia elements in the memorial service, the funeral home can provide the necessary equipment and technical support.

5. Guest Coordination: The funeral home can help you manage the logistics of inviting and hosting guests, ensuring that everyone gets the necessary information and support.

6. Arrangements for the reception: If you wish to organize a reception after the memorial service, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home can help you find a suitable venue and assist with catering arrangements.

Yes, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home can definitely help you choose various funeral products, including caskets, urns and other related items.

As a trusted funeral home, Yiannis Efstathiou understands the importance of providing a wide range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. It has a dedicated team that specializes in guiding customers through the process of choosing the right casket or urn for their loved one.

When it comes to caskets, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home offers a diverse selection, ensuring customers can find one that reflects the personality and preferences of the deceased. They understand that caskets come in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or even eco-friendly options, and can provide guidance on which material might be best suited to a person's wishes and beliefs.

In addition to caskets, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home also offers a range of urns for those who choose cremation. These urns are available in different designs, sizes and materials, allowing customers to find the one that best represents and honors their loved one's memory.


Yes, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home can certainly help you with the coordination of funerals and floral arrangements. As a funeral home, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and comforting experience for grieving families at such a difficult time.

When it comes to funeral coordination, it has a team of experienced professionals who can help with all aspects of the process. This includes helping the family make decisions about the type of funeral, location, order of events, and any special requests or traditions that need to be observed.

When it comes to flower arrangements, the funeral home works closely with trusted florists who specialize in creating beautiful and meaningful arrangements for funerals. They can help the family choose the right flowers and designs that convey their feelings and pay tribute to their loved one.

To give you an example, let's say a family wants to have a traditional religious ceremony for their loved one. The funeral home can help them find a suitable place of worship, coordinate with the clergy or religious minister, and ensure that all necessary arrangements are made. They can also help arrange the music, readings, and anything else the family wishes to include in the ceremony.