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The I.N. Efstathio Funeral Home undertakes Funeral Ceremonies in all regions, always with respect and consistency.​

Korydallos Funeral Home: Our experience since 1985 helps us carry out funerals in Nightingale with respect to the deceased and his family.

Losing a loved one is an emotional and difficult experience. In these difficult times, the existence of a supportive and compassionate funeral home it can make a difference. Funeral homes play a key role in helping families navigate the process of saying goodbye and celebrating the lives of their loved ones. 

Compassionate support

The Funeral services they are not just places of business - they are places of empathy and compassion. Experienced staff understand the grief and pain families are going through and offer a shoulder to lean on during this difficult time. From the moment you walk through their door, the professionals of funeral homes are dedicated to providing emotional support and guidance, ensuring that your needs are met with understanding and care.

Funeral arrangements

The design of one funeral it can be overwhelming, especially when you are grieving. Funeral homes provide expert assistance in arranging all aspects of the ceremony, ensuring that your wishes, as well as those of the deceased, are respected. They help to choose the right one coffin, in the selection flower arrangements, in organizing transportation and coordinating with the clergy. Funeral homes take care of the logistics so you can focus on paying tribute to your loved one.

Korydallos Funeral Home


Every life is unique offices funeral directors understand the importance of personalizing the farewell ceremony. They work closely with the family to create a ceremony that reflects the personality, values and beliefs of the deceased.

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Prices are determined according to services and products.

The final cost is affected by the Cemetery where the burial will take place and this is because the charges vary by Cemetery and Municipality.

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Faq funeral home

In the event of an emergency, there are several ways to contact the Ioannis Efstathiou Funeral Home. The first and most recommended way is to call by phone, because the funeral home is open 24 hours a day.

Alternatively, you can also contact the funeral home by sending an email. Although this method may not provide an immediate response, it may be useful for non-urgent matters or if you prefer written communication.

If you are near the funeral home and need immediate assistance, it is a good idea to visit their physical location.

It is important to note that emergencies often require immediate attention and may require additional steps beyond simply contacting the funeral home. For example, if the emergency involves death, it is necessary to also notify the appropriate authorities, such as the local police or medical professionals, depending on the circumstances.

In summary, in the event of an emergency, you can contact John Efstathiou Funeral Home by calling their 24-hour emergency hotline, emailing their address provided, or visiting their physical location. It is vital that you appreciate the seriousness of the situation and take appropriate steps to ensure that you get the help you need right away.

Yes, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home can help with international repatriation. When a loved one dies in a foreign country and their family wants to bring them back home for burial or cremation, the process is known as international repatriation.

Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home understands the complexities and challenges involved in international repatriation. It has a team of experienced professionals who know the necessary paperwork, legal requirements and transport logistics required to repatriate a deceased person.

For example, if a person dies while traveling abroad, they can help obtain the necessary permits and documents to bring the deceased back home. This may include coordinating with local authorities, embassies and consulates to ensure a smooth repatriation process.

In addition, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home has established relationships with international funeral service providers and transport companies, which allows it to take care of the safe and dignified transportation of the deceased from one country to another. They can handle all aspects of the repatriation process, including arranging a suitable casket or urn, coordinating flights or other modes of transportation, and ensuring that necessary customs and immigration requirements are met.


Yes, Yiannis Efstathiou Funeral Home provides transportation of the deceased as part of comprehensive funeral services. When a loved one passes away, it is common for the funeral home to take care of all aspects related to transporting the deceased, ensuring that they are treated with the utmost care and respect.

The transport services offered by Yannis Efstathiou Funeral Home include picking up the deceased from the place of death, whether it is a hospital, a nursing home, or a private residence. They will then safely transport the person to the funeral home or any other designated location, such as a church for viewing or a cemetery for burial.

Our professional funeral home staff is trained to handle all accounting matters involved in the moving process, including necessary paperwork, permits, and compliance with local regulations. They have the appropriate vehicles equipped for this purpose, ensuring that the deceased is transported safely and discreetly.

It is worth noting that the transport services provided by the Yannis Efstathiou Funeral Home are not limited to local transport. They can also facilitate transportation for repatriation purposes, ensuring that the deceased is transported to their country of origin if necessary.