Understanding the difficult times you are going through and wanting to relieve you of all the subsequent paperwork, we undertake all the procedures required in cooperation with all insurance agencies as well as the declaration of death at the registry office. We also undertake the full processing of widow's pensions from the deceased to the spouse

According to the insurance fund to which the deceased belongs, the supporting documents also vary.

Helpful tip: The invoice you receive should be issued to the details of the person who will undertake to collect the funeral expenses. Also, with an authorization and all the required supporting documents, we undertake the process for you.


In order to be granted funeral expenses, the directly insured person must have completed 120 days of insurance in the previous year or in the last fifteen months, excluding the last three months.

In case of a work accident, even one day's insurance is enough. If it is an accident outside the workplace, it is sufficient that only half the number of days of insurance has been completed.

In this case, the following supporting document is also required:

  • Accident report










In accordance with article 51 of Law 792/78 and sub no. 5411.1/72/29-9-0 K.Y.A. (F.E.K. 1453 B) as amended by paragraph 6 of article 5 of Law 2575/98, funeral expenses of 690 EUROS are paid to those in charge of the funeral of a deceased retired sailor. In order to pay this amount to the beneficiaries, a relevant application is submitted within one year of the pensioner's death, with the relevant supporting documents, to the Pensioners Registry and Changes section of the Benefits Directorate.

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After the death certificate is issued the 2nd official document you will need is the certificate of next of kin. This is granted to a first degree relative of the deceased for further procedures (IRS – Notaries – DEKO)

The supporting documents required for the issuance of the guarantor relatives certificate are:

  • Application for certificate of guarantor relatives
  • Photocopy of your Police ID or Passport
  • Death certificate
  • Responsible statements from witnesses (not relatives):
  1. in case the deceased was married with children
  2. in the event that the deceased was married without children
  3. in the event that the deceased was unmarried

The certificate of next of kin is granted by the municipality to which the deceased belonged.

The following are entitled to receive a "Certificate of Guarantor Relatives":

All the nearest relatives of the deceased mentioned and arising from his family share or previous ones.

The persons named in the affidavit

The heirs of the deceased (proved by the relevant certificate of the Court of First Instance)

Those who have power of attorney or authorization from the persons who have a legal interest

The bank account after the death of the beneficiary

The deceased's retirement bank account must remain active for six months after death. More specifically, if someone died on the last day of the month, the pension deposited in the bank is not entitled to it because pensions are prepaid

The bank account is part of the inheritance and therefore after the death of the beneficiary, the bank account is transferred to the heirs according to the succession (Article 1710 of the Civil Code). When the heirs are more than one, each takes from the bank account the percentage corresponding to him, according to his share in the inheritance. If, for example, one of the parents died leaving his 4 children as heirs, then each of them inherits 1/4 of the amount deposited in the bank account.

8.1.1 Death Certificate*
8.1.2 Marriage Certificate*
8.1.3 Certificate of the Mayor or President of the Community on the family status of the nearest
relatives left by the deceased. The same certificate will state that the deceased's marriage to
widow/widower was not divorced until his/her death and that the spouse is widowed.
8.1.4 If the pension beneficiaries are minor boys and girls (under the age of 18) they must also submit
their birth certificates. Students under the age of 24 will submit: a)
Application, b) Certificates of the schools attended. In case they study abroad they should
submit the foreign language study certificates with an APOSTILE stamp (The Hague), from the Greek Consulate of
region where they study and their translation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by a lawyer, c) Copy thereof
identity card, d) Responsible declaration of law 1599/1986, that they do not work, are single, and do not receive
own right pension from another source.*
8.1.5 Responsible declaration of pension beneficiaries for the choice of care, the relevant form is issued by
the Service
8.1.6 Copy of the widow/widower's identity card.
8.1.7 Responsible declaration of Law 1599/1986 of the widow/widower if he/she works or if he/she receives a pension from a personal
work or due to the death of his/her spouse, the relevant form is issued by the Service.
8.1.8 Announcement for AMKA, the relevant form is issued by the Service.
8.1.9 The deceased's sick book.
8.1.10 Photocopy of deposit book showing the IVAN number of the account, of any Bank.
8.1.11 Photocopy of tax clearance, or tax return, etc., clearly stating the
VAT number, for each pension beneficiary separately

we undertake, in cooperation with all insurance agencies, the termination of the pension of the deceased and, in parallel, the transfer of the pension of his/her widow, widows, orphans and children.